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Mittwoch 17. Juni 2009

Neuer Artikel über Bryozoen

Acanthoceramoporella spinigera n. sp.

A Hirnantian (latest Ordovician) reefal bryozoan fauna from Anticosti Island, eastern Canada: taxonomy and chemostratigraphy Andrej Ernst and Axel Munnecke[mehr]

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Donnerstag 30. April 2009


GSA cover

Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event[mehr]

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Montag 02. März 2009

Impressionen des Flügel-Kurses 2009

Hier finden Sie Photos des Flügel-Kurses 2009 am GZN-Paläoumwelt...zu den Bildern[mehr]

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Donnerstag 27. November 2008

Neues EU-Projekt


CoralFISH - Assessment of the interaction between corals, fish and fisheries, in order to develop monitoring and predictive modelling tools for ecosystem [mehr]

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Mittwoch 26. November 2008

Neuer Artikel, Co-Autor A. Munnecke


Effects of diagenesis on the astrochronological approach of defining stratigraphic boundaries in calcareous rhythmites: The Tortonian GSSP Lethaia Vol. 41, pp. 461–476 [mehr]

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Montag 24. November 2008

Aktueller HERMES-Newsletter


November ´08[mehr]

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Freitag 21. November 2008

Neuer Artikel von Jürgen Titschack


Sedimentary evolution of a Late Pleistocene temperate red algal reef Coralligène) on Rhodes, Greece: correlation with global sea-level fluctuations Sedimentology (2008) 55, 1747-1776[mehr]

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Donnerstag 20. November 2008

Neuer Artikel von Axel Munnecke


Diagenesis of plattenkalk: examples from the Solnhofen area (Upper Jurassic, southern Germany) Sedimentology (2008) 55, 1931–1946[mehr]

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Dienstag 04. November 2008

Neues Buch von Cambridge University Press


"Cold-Water Corals" Biology & Geology[mehr]

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Montag 13. Oktober 2008

DFG Projekt


New 3-years DFG-Project funded: The geo-biology of polar coralline algal carbonate factories (FR 1134/18-1) Project leader: Prof. Dr. André Freiwald, GZN Paläoumwelt Position available: PhD In 2006, the northernmost coralline...[mehr]

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