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Applied Geology

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Applied Geosciences


Etched thick section of OPC clinker: blue alite, grey aluminates and bright ferrite

Rutile, white pigment for wall paint

Bone substitute material: CT of ß-TCP cellular ceramics

Hulk of Crowns engine house, ancient mining of Cu, Sn and As, Botallack Mine, Cornwall – England

Hulk of Wheal Coates, engine house and ore processing of Sn/Cu-ores, Cornwall – England

Drilling machine for mining of Zn-ores by blasting, South Crofty Mine, Cornwall – England

Limestone for the building industry (Portland Stone), Portland Bill, Weymouth – England

Excavation of kaolinite at Wheal Martin, St. Austell - England

Main entrance of Applied Geoscience and Lithosphere Dynamics